At FleishmanHillard in Korea, the most outstanding communications consultants are constantly pushing the boundaries of the public affairs and the risk communications.

Our Leadership

Executive Message

"The digital and technological revolution has enabled the globally integrated world we live in. Today, when a company becomes the subject of social interest for any reasons, its past and present data can be indiscriminately exposed due to the transparency and hyper-connectivity that comes from the generalization of social media. This smaller digital world has evolved the way people communicate unconfirmed information that can be quickly edited according to public sentiment. Once equipped with attention-grabbing videos or images, the information can spread like wildfire that can have powerful influence on existing institutions.

This phenomenon not only calls for companies to transform its communication strategy with clients, employees, shareholders, government, media, and stakeholders, but can also act as a high risk or opportunity for the very nature of corporate management.

FleishmanHillard in Korea operates at the frontline of change to offer clients analysis from various perspective and insights on the challenges they face.
We wisely establish engagement with stakeholders of various interests, attain win-win solutions, and achieve authentic results.

We place great value in the power of true and center it in everything we do, including how we drive our expertise and provide intelligence for our clients. "