COVID-19 Mindset: How Pandemic Times Are Shaping Global Consumers

In just a few short months, this pandemic has changed our perceptions of the world to a degree typically seen only over years and decades.

Our findings reveal changes in priorities, values and relationships driven by the role we all must play to mitigate the pandemic and its effects on society. As consumers and employees, this means a renewed focus on organizations as employers and places of public life. For brands and employers, this means the choices they make now will reverberate in consumers’ purchase decisions and workers’ employment decisions for years beyond the pandemic.

We face extraordinary uncertainty. We don’t know what work, home, school or public life will look like in the months and years ahead. To chart a path forward requires meaningful research and deep human compassion. We must understand what we expect of each other and how this crisis is reshaping our perceptions, behaviors, values and societies.

The main results of this global consumer survey can be found in detail through this link.