The AlphaGo challenge

The Go match between master Lee Se-dol and Google computer program AlphaGo held in Seoul was a battle of the century that marked the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. Now that the battle is over, it is time for us to look back at the five-game match and think about what AlphaGo’s victory means for Korea’s future.

Yvonne Park, Managing Director of FleishmanHillard Korea, shared the lessons learned from AlphaGo through Korea JoongAng Daily and JoongAng Ilbo’s column, and called on Korea to think about how current societal issues of low birthrate, aging society, low economic growth and bi-polarization can be solved with the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

She especially stressed that there is an urgent need for public discussion on AI’s influence in the future. She also stated that an optimum point must be found between the benefits and potential risks of AI on technological, economic, moral and legal grounds in order to administer responsibility and conflicts in due means.

Please refer to Korea JoongAng Daily and JoongAng Ilbo’s column for further details.