Women Corporate Directors (WCD), “Corporate competitiveness comes from diversity in the boardroom…. WCD will uphold the spirit of law (article from eToday)

Women Corporate Directors (WCD), on June 25, held a seminar, titled ‘Women Director Empowerment through Capacity Building in the COVID-19 Era,’ at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul City.

At the seminar, Yvonne Park, the President and Senior Partner of FleishmanHillard Korea, gave a lecture under the theme ‘Enhancing Corporate Resilience in the COVID-19 Era.’

Yvonne Park stated, “With the spread of COVID-19, business uncertainties have heightened to a great degree,” adding, “It is about time for the board to go beyond its traditional role of check and control and exhibit the ability to respond flexibly to disruptive market events.” To this end, she recommended corporate boards to hold open discussions on the market positioning strategies and business models all the while well-managing the potential risk factors.

Yvonne further stressed that business resilience can only be realized when “corporates respond to market changes with agility, and drive innovation by upholding the diversity and inclusion culture at workplaces.”

More information can be found in the eToday article.

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