COVID-19 Mindset: A Survey of Consumer Mindsets in 7 countries

FleishmanHillard TRUE Global Intelligence (TGI) published a report based on a survey of consumers in 7 countries, titled, “COVID-19 Mindset: The Collision of Issues”.

The report investigated how COVID-19 has changed consumer values and behaviors regarding various expectations in health, finance, and consumer sectors for governments, local communities, and corporations. The results showed that, along with the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, concerns about health, safety, and finance have increased and various social and cultural issues such as inequality, violence, and gender discrimination have emerged.

“According to the survey, consumers are concerned about corporations’ responsibility and role in solving social problems during the COVID-19 crisis, and expectations that corporations must do the right thing are rising,” said Natasha Kennedy, the Global Managing Director of Fleishman Hillard TGI.

President and Senior Partner of Fleishman Hillard Korea, Yvonne Park, commented, “Compared to the global average, Korean consumers are found to have a more negative outlook on the their expectation for normalization, finances, employment, and safety timing-wise. Meanwhile, they showed high expectations against corporations to cooperate with the government to pursue improvement in safety and quality of public livelihood and social innovation.” She explained that this shows Korean consumers have a good understanding of the practical limitations of the current situation.

More detailed results of the global consumer survey can be found in the link.