Each year, the Edge Foundation (edge.org), best known for its platform for global scholars’ discussions, throws a topic to the world’s intellectuals. The topic for 2015 was AI, from which the question “What do you think about a machine that think?” triggered a variety of responses from 195 intellectuals and experts from across global fields.

Last December, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and Sam Altman of seed accelerator Y Combinator co-chaired in launching ‘OpenAI’, a non-profit AI research group, and injected over 1 trillion KRW in funds from LinkedIn Chairman Reid Hoffman, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Infosys. At the world’s biggest consumer electronics and technology tradeshow ‘CES 2016’ held in Las Vegas on January 6, key note seats were reserved for ICT, contents, and automobile leaders while exhibitions carried a plethora of smartphones, 3D printers, drones, robots, wearables, and autonomous cars.

AI is transforming the paradigm of every single industry — with no exception to marketing and communications. One of the most notable global marketing news near the end of 2015 was that one of the world’s biggest advertisers that spend over 10 trillion KRW in advertising and marketing changed its media partner to Omnicom Media Group, to which FleishmanHillard is a part of. The decision was largely attributed to Omnicom Media Group’s proven agility in Data Analytics based on the understanding of AI.

Unknowingly, AI has certainly built a new ecosystem around our individual lives. It is deemed appropriate to say that the world is crazy about AI. Nevertheless, AI still imposes countless undisputed challenges.

Loss of jobs and invasion of privacy are crucial risks that may follow. Under the name of ‘Personalized Service,’ AI is beginning to read not only individuals’ activities but also their minds.

As more data is being shared through AI, more weight is put on ‘Transparency’ and ‘Reputation.’ Particularly within social media where anyone can pass a judgment, ‘Social Reputation’ undeniably carries decision-making power.

FleishmanHillard Korea sent out the first newsletter of 2016 which covers emerging AI along with our slogan of this year, Survive & Thrive.

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